Thursday 27 September 2012

Higher and higher

Weather: It was very wet and overcast to begin with. Rain broke out a few times then like a breath of fresh air the sun broke through and it became a very beautiful day with that long sort of light that bathes everything in gold late in the afternoon.

We finished off the cleaning & sorting of bulbs and carefully put them on shelves in the nursery. I witnessed the smallest tulip bulbs I have ever seen - they were pink and were like tic tacs. Then we carried on with some meadow work. The cut grass was heavy from having been out in the rain. We then strewed more rich cuttings down at The Farm area where we are trying to cultivate more meadowland.

(View from the tractor - James & Liz on top of the compost mound)

In order to be able to keep building the mound higher and higher, not only do we need to build the corners up well, keeping the sides as a straight as possible is important.

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