Sunday 9 September 2012

Featured plants of the day

It is not just all about Dahlias, one of the highlights of the Exotic Garden is Verbena bonariensis and they are plentiful in this garden. They're tall and can grow to about 2m. Their small purple flowerheads against dark green foliage is almost luminescent. They're self-sowers and seem to grow flexibly & happily entwined into other plants as well as being scrambled upon by others; because of their sparse nature they are often grown in front of the border and their heads almost appear to hover in the air. This photo & combination is a common image and sight from this garden -

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  1. Yay! A blog on Great Dixter will be a wonderful asset and you may even have some fun, Maggie. Congratulations on your scholarship. I hope to get to GD in the coming year. I do! Oh, and I do love this plant as well.


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