Wednesday 19 September 2012

Plant it like you mean it

Weather: Morning cold but clear. Sunny, cloudy and a bit breezy for the rest of the day.

We did more planting in the Exotic Garden today. I put some Helichrysum petiolare 'variegata' (silvery plant on the right) next to the Senecio petasitis (far left) that I put in yesterday which has groovy furry leaves and bears yellow flowers. Fergus felt that more Persicaria virginiana were needed in the area that I was working on to help carry the the eye into the foliage even more which I agreed with. So I added to that. Although these plants won't stay in here very long the motto at Dixter is to plant it like we mean it to be permanent.
Unfortunately the Dahlia leaves have been attacked alittle by a fungal disease so they're looking a bit sad.

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