Wednesday 26 September 2012

Cleaning bulbs

The last two days the weather has been practically the same, very changeable, stormy, windy, wet & rainy. In the Exotic Garden I can easily pretend that it is a tropical storm and carry on denying the coming of autumn & winter. Holding on to the illusion of warmth and summer for as long as possible. Even the birds around me seem to chirp loudly in defiance.

My work has mainly been a matter of seeing what wreckage has been done and to go round fixing and staking everything as much as possible.

A job that has brought us some relief from the rain has been the cleaning and sorting of bulbs in the Great Barn - tulips, narcissi, crocuses, muscari & hyacinths.

We count the flowering bulbs (ones that are big enough for flowering) and then put the rest in a paper bag bag as extras.

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