Sunday 9 September 2012

Friday jobs

Whilst brushing up today I realised that the dahlias with two coloured petals, were not all separate petals but that a singular petal is double layered.

We did some sprucing up today, which included clearing, hoeing out weeds from various places like the driveway and raking the loose stones over.

I was familiarised with the watering so that it is a task I can start to help out with. Watering is a very obvious thing, but it is also an easy one to get wrong, one has to be thorough and thoughtful of the different watering levels of plants especially ones in pots. Dixter is lucky to have it's own borehole and they don't have to worry about conserving water too much like building a rainwater tank, because any run offs ends up in the pond and gets filtered back into the main water supply. Any water that does gets lost is through transpiration. But for the hose sprinklers we try to make sure as less water is going on the path as possible, as we want to be sensitive to people who might have had a hosepipe ban from drought.

Where does the yellow hosepipe line go...

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