Wednesday 5 September 2012

Into the exotic again

Morning start at 8am. Some of the gardeners were away so I was in charge of watering in the Orchard frames section. I checked and watered some sensitive seedlings, but the rest was still looking pretty moist, so I did this a bit later in the day instead.

After having been shown the work that needed doing in the Exotic Garden, I was in there by myself this time. So I routinely did the deadheading, brushed up the floor, watered with several cans a load of grass set in a concrete container and tried to make judgement that it was looking it's best as possible.

Dahlias featured this time from this section:
Spot the difference - Ann Breckenfelder...



And this flouncy one is Rip City

Kenora Sunset

Twynings After Eight

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