Wednesday 12 September 2012

Meadows in a bag

Not so much to report home about today except that one has to be careful when doing the same task everyday that one doesn't lose touch of why one is doing it. For example to not overdo the deadheading in the exotic garden, to keep stepping back, looking & remembering what we are trying to achieve. Sometimes a Dahlia or a Rosa is just about to die back but still has vibrancy & colour and still offers something to the aesthetics of it all so it is best to leave them. The discretion of this can get a bit blurry but thoughtful consideration has to be at least maintained each time.

Some of the cut grass from the meadow cuttings this time were bagged up in big ton bags, as we are selling them to someone who wants to use them as strewings to create/ enhance their own meadow area, so we made sure to only put the diversely rich stuff in.

Colchicum autumnales are starting to appear in the meadows at the front of the house.

For the rest of the day it was my half day for catching up with things, my plant ident & starting my first project which is looking at planting in cracks. More info about these soon.

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