Thursday 29 May 2014

New adventures

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A final post

Sorry for the delay, but finally here is my very last post for this blog. Time moves fast, the two new scholars that started at Dixter when I had finished have already been plugging away at their blogs - the cycle of the garden goes round again, through new eyes and voices.

The experience I have had here will have a profound effect on me, it is yet too soon for me to have even fully assimilated it. But it is like what my friend James said, "New things will be learnt from it. Even though I am not there, it keeps giving".

It has often been said of Dixter, but in my case it has definitely been true - the people who I have met and connected with here have made much of the experience. People who have inspired me and some who have even become close friends.

I have started my new adventures! Ideas, thoughts and explorations will be highlighted in my new blog: Hortiventure - please do join me in the next stages of my adventures.

Here are some photos that I like but never got published:

This is the type of planting that goes on at Dixter that makes my heart melt (I have to point out that gardener Rachael Dodd was responsible for the Panicum virgatum planting).

This rush of colour makes me feel like the much needed vitamin D boost from the sun.

I didn't fully understand these plants until I saw them dramatically lit by natural light in a certain way that seemed to make them glow - Valeriana pyrenaica and Melanoselinum decipiens

A fully opened poppy.

Layers in the Long Border.

Possibly my favourite part of the garden - Inula magnifica

Thank you everyone who supported me and read this blog.
My journey continues at