Sunday 2 September 2012

The Unusual Plant and Art Fair

We went to the Sussex Prairies garden today where there was an Unusual Plant and Art Fair. There were definitely plants not just commonly found anywhere, but I think I had different expectations and thought that it would showcase the strangest of the strange in the plant world. It was definitely an interesting garden though with it's block swathes of striking compositions & colours. It's a garden that specialises in grasses & perennials and Piet Oudolf has been involved in the design of it. Some of the highlights were blue grass - Festuca glauca 'Intense Blue', tall dense carpets of yellow & black eyed Rudbeckia, hidden spaces to sit in amongst tall grasses, spotty pigs, a man working on a foot powered lathe, big heads of interweaving white & pink Echinacea flowers that they seemed to excel in and transfixed you. Plants can be just so amazing that it can be hard for any artwork to live up next to them, especially if they're purely for visual purposes. Some artworks did nearly have me deceived and got me looking again, thinking that it was some extraordinary species I was yet to encounter, but then I couldn't help but be totally won over by just the plants themselves. I also bumped into Bridgette Saunders one of my tutors from Plumpton College, Stanmer, who inspired me with her passion and wonderful garden project called The Garden House. I feel she definitely has played a part in how I have come to be starting this scholarship at Dixter.

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