Wednesday 5 September 2012

The secret of the mounds

Also continued with the meadow work. I realised what made the big compost mounds that Dixter grew gourds all over were the cut hay from the meadows. The grass is put in the tractor carrier layer by layer rather than in one heaped pile, as it can compress & compact too easily and is to make it easier to take out instead of it getting stuck. This is why when raking the less one bunches it up the better. Then it is laid out layer by layer to make the mound. Corners and sides being most important and the key is to get the grass to drape over the sides are much as possible. On top of the compost it was smoking and smelt amazingly sweet. Anaerobic composting is happening, sprinklers are put on established mounds to help them decompose quicker. It gives a great view of the garden and nothing beats the tractor ride from either way.

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