Thursday 6 September 2012

Keeping tab

One of the amazing thing about Dixter is that in some of their gardens (e.g. The Peacock & the High Garden) the plants are for stocks for their nursery as well as being for display. Today in a hidden spot I had to label and mark with sticks some very precious plants called Paris polyphylla -

These plants are originally from the Himalaya and is fully hardy in Britain where it is also known as the 'Love Apple. It likes to grow in moist soil in woody type places and can grow up to 90m. It has all sorts of interesting potential medicinal qualities especially the roots, including cancer fighting agents and curing snake bites etc. They have to be marked with sticks because in winter they will die back and it will help us know where they are.

I also had to do the same for some Hostas of the 'Royal Standard' variety which were many and hard to see tell which ones were individual plants or one big clump. They will also grow up to about 90cm.

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