Monday 10 September 2012

Pot plants

I was generally doing watering, clearing out pots of dead or unwanted plants. For plants that were a little pass their sell by date & needed planting out we made these into pot displays. I did this for a load of Ipomoea 'Heavenly Blue'. In a pot around 40cm wide and same again deep I filled with soil around two thirds of the way. Then I created a pyramid 2m high with three bamboo canes and placed the plants around them. Then I would weave the Ipomoea through the three canes and tie it where necessary for support. Any yellowing/ dead leaves were removed. It was topped up with soil but not so that it was level with the top, as this is not conducive for watering and more likely to cause run off and the plant not being able to uptake water properly. We also put pea sticks (about 30cm tall) around them just at the base and snipped off the plant's tips so that it would branch out more. General rule to help the presentation of plants in pots to look better - to place them on the outskirt of the pot and work your way inwards.

Below is an Ipomoea in bloom in the Exotic Garden next to Rosa Chanelle. I personally feel that the colour would go better with something like the orange of Dahlia 'David Howard'.

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