Tuesday 18 September 2012

The art of planting the Dixter way II

The piece de resistance today was when we filled a gap with this huge Yucca elephantipes on the left like it had always been there. Towering above next to the Arundo donax & tree Dahlia imperalis.

When we position plants we have to consider how it will grow - where it would grow out from, how big it would get etc. For it not to look bitty or incongruous to it's setting. Even at the point it actually goes into the soil there is potential it can change or be different. Once we were ready to plant we tentatively poked around the area with a spade to check if there were any bulbs or obstructions.

When we were sure it was clear we dug a hole by 'chopping' the soil. If there is not enough width, then we go a bit deeper. We lined the hole with compost no. 2 that contains osmocote - which is a slow release fertiliser and mixed it in. Usually we would use an old soil mix but there wasn't much of that this time. We put the plant in, loosened up the roots a little to help it along. Then covered it back with soil whilst pressing it in and smoothing the surface over.

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  1. Hello Maggie,
    Glad to see that you've settled in well at Geat Dixter.
    Love your diary and photos. It's nice to get to see the work in the gardens from one of the gardeners point of view.

    Maria Taylor (L3 @ Stanmer)


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