Thursday 6 September 2012

Dahlia frenzy

And I just cutting resist putting another photo in of Emory Paul Dahlias!

I had to cut these off as they had bent over too much from the heaviness of their heads. These will be used in a bouquet in the nursery to tempt the customers.

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  1. Dear Maggie,

    thanks for take the time to write this blog! I have been at Great Dixter for a short working experience and I left the garden few days before your arrival.
    It is very nice to can follow what it is going there, see again friendly faces and feel to be still there!
    I have a garden-related blog as well, but I am not as good as you to keep it update! :)
    Hope that yours will inspire me to find more time and write as often as I would like.

    Hope you will keep writing and are enjoyng Great Dixter and its fabulous staff! :D

    Noemi (


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