Monday 1 October 2012

Learning about machinery

Friday 28th October
Weather: Overcast, mild. Sun breaking out once in a while. Occasional showers.

We finished cutting the meadow today opposite the Long Border. Another person came to buy & collect 10 black bin bags worth of enriched cuttings to cover approximately 100 sq ft. I learnt more about the mechanics of the machinery that we have been using. The trailer is only attached to the tractor by a purpose made metal weight (see below), and have these give instant 'key locks' to readily click things into place.

It was a bit tricky cutting under the Craetagus trees (prunifolia & orientalis), as it involved changing the direction of the Tracmaster in time before being pulled into large sharp thorns.

I also learnt how to maintain the Tracmaster each time after use, taking the blades apart, cleaning & oiling them.

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