Sunday 14 October 2012

Mound trouble

Wednesday 10th

Weather: Sunny. Cold in the morning but warm in the sun later on. A relief to have a full dry day. The sort of light now that casts long dark shadows.

We woke up today to find that one side of the compost mound we had been building up had collapsed to one side. This is the result of it not being consistently built up well, but this is hard when there are many different hands at the job of different skill sets and understanding. Technically the mound can go on almost double in size if done right. We propped up the side with big posts though and continued adding more layers, it will take less but a substantial amount can still be put on.

It is also time now to start harvesting the multifarious gourds that we have growing on the compost mounds. To wash & dry and to display them around the house.

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