Tuesday 23 October 2012

Cuttings II

Friday 19th
Weather: Warm but fairly rainy almost all day.

I mainly did cuttings today and it was interesting to try out different ways of propagating one thing.

Taking cuttings from the prickly Rosa virginiana that has great autumn colours

- Hydrangea aspera villosa - as we wanted to leave the flowering stems we are testing if we can propagate it by using the ones that have flowered. They can be done internodal so we did a mix of this and nodal - depending on what we could get from our material.
- Rosa virginiana has great autumn colour. For the material we cut off the most vigourous 1st year stems that were around pencil thickness. We are also trying out some tip cuttings (using material that is about 10cm long) and fertile seeds (this will take 3 - 4 years to flower - Dixter always like to try different ways of propagating).
- Dianthus from a 'mix' but we selected the dark red ones and did tip cuttings which were around two nodes below the tips, again stripping any excess leaves and leaving three or four at the tip and cutting these down into half. We dipped them in rooting powder prior to putting them in the growing medium.
- Persicaria vaccinnifolia - also about 10-12cm long. General rule - the thinner the material the longer the cutting should be.
- Hard wood cutting and semi ripes from Viburnum opulus compactum.

See also Cuttings (1) for details. 

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