Monday 29 October 2012

Cuttings III

Friday 26th
Weather: Fairly dry, overcast warmish day with the odd tiny spittle of rain. It suddenly turned cold towards the end of the day.

Collecting material from the Actinida. 

We did more cuttings today, including more Tagetes lemonii, Begonia metallica (we cut large leaves down almost into triangles for these), Centranthus ruber, and a type of Actinida (related to the kiwi fruit). All nodal cuttings except for the Actinida, which we have done as hardwood cuttings. Depending on the plant but I can roughly fit about 20-25 cuttings in a 5" pot.

Begonia metallica cuttings

I also potted up Phlomis tuberosa & Aconitum kelmscott seedlings. As we're tight for space and we are just overwintering these plants, we put them in a more restrictive pot size. We placed these underneath a coldframe.

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