Sunday 21 October 2012

Study Day - Garden worthy plants

Monday 14th
Weather: Very cold in the morning, 5 - 6°C. Mainly sunny with spots of rain. 

This was a really interesting session for me, as it made me think about elements that I hadn't thought about before. When a plant didn't work I had assumed that it was because I had not grown it in the right conditions. I had not considered that it might be the variety that wasn't suitable. As well as learning tips about choosing the right plants - it was also about a way of looking. Instead of just being given a list of, it provoked you to think. It helped me see why it is important to go to gardens, observe their habits in different conditions, to ask people growing them questions about it and why plant trials are actually really important.

For example Corderia selloana 'Aureolineata' & are Corderia selloana 'Albolineata' look very similar but a Wisley trial showed that 'Albolineata' scorches in the summer, looks tired in autumn and awful in winter. 'Aureolineata' (above) on the other hand keeps it together and looks good all of these seasons.

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