Wednesday 7 November 2012

Two strokes

Wednesday 31st
Weather: One outburst of rain as if the sky held it's breath and then let go. Windy but sunny for most of the day.

I started the day brushing & raking up leaves along the long border and circular steps.

I finished clearing the beds  I had started in the Barn Garden, and Rachael showed us how to mix and refill oil in a petrol ran strimmer.

Basically because a strimmer needs to move around flexibly it runs on a two stroke engine, things like chainsaws also uses this type of engine and things like cars  & ride on mowers uses a four stroke engine. So the strimmer uses a 50 to 1 mixture of petrol and two stroke engine oil. We put 100ml of two strokes in a 5 litre can and filled the rest to the top with petrol and then gave it a good shake around to mix it up. We had a funnel purposely for the job, but if one wanted to 'cleanse' an all purpose funnel, one can run some petrol through it first.

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