Thursday 29 November 2012

Plant ident 26/09/2012

1. Senecio tanguticus (right; formerly known as Sinacalia tangutica) - an annual that has stems reaching 6 or 7 feet. Their fluffy seedheads are stunning in the sun. If not for it being a bit vigorous it would probably be an AGM plant.

Senecio tanguticus gone to seed in the Peacock Garden - September 2012

2. Phlox 'Duchess of York' (first picture, right) - a perennial found in the Long Border.

3. Plectranthus argentatus - an evergreen that makes a good groundcover plant. It likes partial shade & needs to be taken indoors/ in a cool greenhouse over winter. Coastal resistant.

4. Leucanthemella serotina - a good one to know aka Autumn Ox-Eye daisy, it is one of the daisy flowers that are strong late in the year when things are starting to die back and there is not so much around. It is a clump forming perennial.

5. Crataegus prunifolia (big red berries)

6. Crataegus orientalis (photo below) - a wild hawthorn native to countries like Turkey, it has almost orange iridescent berries that stand out against dark grey green leaves. It is a tree best left to its own devices. Found in the meadow in front of the Long Border.

The difference between hawthorns from N. America and ones outside of this country are that the leaves are the US ones always have round leaves and the ones like we have in this country are jaggedy.

7. Impatiens bicaudata

8. Colocasia fontanesii - is the plant of the edible tuber taro, great for chinese taro cake as well as providing big sculptural leaves in the Exotic Garden. This is a particularly good form of Colocasia and looks good back lit. 

9. Atriplex halimium 

10. Physostegia virginiana 'Vivid - is commonly known as obedient plant because you can literally turn the flowers around to suit the position as you please. It is a herbaceous perennial.

11. Prunus laurocerasus 'Castlewellan' - A green & white marbled leaved shrub that stands in the Long Border.

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