Thursday 29 November 2012

Plant ident 02/10/2012

1. Asplenium scolopendrium - the 'Hart Tongue' fern is commonly found in the wild and usually grow in drifts under woods, amongst rocks and streams. It likes moisture and shade.

2. Astelia chathamica - a good grass to know as it likes deep dry shade. It has a silvery sheen.

3. Pleioblastis variegatus - a dwarf bamboo that grows up to 7ft tall

4. Cotoneaster horizontalis 

5. x Fatshedera x lizei aka Tree Ivy
6. Leptospermum lanigerum - a hardy shrub and has what is called a 'columnar' form. It grows up to 3m tall and 1m wide and is quite compact. It also does well in heavy shade.

7. This conifer like plant is actually a hebe! Otherwise known as Hebe cupressoides 'Broughton Dome'.

8. Begonia grandis evansiana - it is frost hardy, has red undersides and is tuberous. It is also a perennial.

9. Euonymous europaeus - the common hedgerow spindle tree is one of my personal favourites.

Looking very resplendent at Dixter - this is the most I have seen it flowered yet. There's a beautiful red variety at the Royal Pavilion gardens where I did a work placement last year.

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