Thursday 29 November 2012

Plant ident 19/09/2012

1. Clerodendron bungei (see Featured Plants)

2. Clerodendron trichotomum (also has scented flowers). This is a great small tree with unusual blue berries surrounded by a magenta calyx later on in the autumn. It doesn't have much winter interest. It is native to China & Japan. It can grow up to 15 - 20 ft but can be contained in a pot also. It's preference is a temperate/ subtropical climate. This one is situated in the Exotic Garden, also trained on a wall next to the nursery near the Orchard Frames.

3. Helianthus augustifolius type (from Standen) - tall perennial. Self sows happily by seed & by rhizomes. Helianthuses usually thrive in most soils. Staking might be needed but there are stronger stemmed varieties like 'Lemon Queen'. They are herbaceous and die back in winter.

4. Impatiens tinctoria (found in the Exotic garden) - quite hardy, perennial. Put your nose right into the flower & draw in deeply to get a whiff of its beautiful gentle scent.

5. Dahlia 'Sascha'
6. Dahlia 'David Howard'

7. Salvia 'Cerro Potossi' (see this post where it features) - an evergreen shrub. It doesn't like being too wet, so you can mulch it overwinter to protect it from this. Some of its highlights are it is coastal/salt & drought resistant and happy in all sorts of soil.

8. Amicia 'Zygomeris' - looks tender but is actually a hardy perennial especially with a mulch protection over winter.

9. Impatiens bicaudata - originally from Madagascar, in the Exotic Garden it is a bushy shrub with many flowers. This is a rainforest plant so likes it moist with a filtered sun. It can get very thick stems and can be propagated by cuttings. It is not frost tolerant.

10. Salvia uliginosa - the colour of this bog sage uplifts and seems to glow even more when it's a dark murky day.

11. Rudbeckia triloba - it's biennial and is originally from the N. American Prairie. It is also known as Brown eyed Susie.

12. Sophora microphylla 'Little Baby' shrub.

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