Tuesday 20 November 2012

Spring bedding - digitalis and tulips

Friday 9th November
Weather: Overcast and fairly dry

We cleared a bedding area in the Walled Garden (behind the blue green Cistus), including clearing more Nicotiana mutabilis & lifting and storing a Dahlia 'Sir Alf Ramsay'. I was handed the baton to decide what to plant there. As it was a darkish corner, I thought a warm orangey colour might look good there with the reddy hues of the bricks and the lime green of the Acanthus at the back

I entertained the idea of putting some Erysium cheiri 'Fire King' - a bright orange wallflower. But I decided in the end that they would not grow tall enough and be drowned out by the big shrubs around it. Also they are suppose to smell beautiful, so deserves a more prominent spot where this aspect can be appreciated more.

Monday 12th November
Weather: Overcast and dry earlier in the day and then descended into a bit of a wet drizzle

We decided in the end what would look best there were Digitalis and the one we had ready was 'Suttons Apricot' - nice light tall spears to pierce through all the foliage and not just in one area but the odd one in the periphery to tease and draw the eye in. We bedded it out with 37 of these with 88 Tulipa Ballerina - there were already some in the bed, so it was to just top it up.

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