Monday 26 November 2012

Bulbs in a pot and moving a jetty

Wednesday 21st
Weather: Really windy

Today task was to do as many bulbs in a pot as possible, mainly Tulipa but some Narcissi and Muscari too, as they are starting to sprout. This was intercutted with moving a jetty that was getting lowered and moved closer to the pond.

Everyone enmasse to move the jetty

Bulb planting in a pot
We were using a wide range of terracotta pots. We would start placing the bulbs right on the edge and worked our way into the middle. We pointed the shooting part of the bulb as outward and upward as possible. The soil we used was old soil mix with more bark and some bonemeal. As it was a drier mixture we didn't put grit at the bottom first, only crocks (broken terracotta bits) where there was a hole. We would fill the pot three quarters of the way up, place our bulbs in and then gently firmed some soil on top. We left around 5mm of a gap on top and finished it with a layer of grit - to suppress the weeds but also to tidy up the appearance of the pot. For some of the Narcissi bulbs especially the older ones we did double layers of.

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