Saturday 9 February 2013

Over and under - hedge cutting the boundary

Thurs 24th Jan
Weather: Cold -1 to 1°C. Going down to -3 or -4°C at night
We carried on with clearing the holly hedge and oak area along the driveway.

Rachael sharpening the edges

Then me and my colleague Rachael resumed with hedge-cutting. This time we worked on the boundary line, the longest hedge adjacent to the Long Border and where the meadow is opposite this. Already we are working against the clock as shoots have started to come up through the grass, and we had to tread precariously. Anytime there was a crunch or a squishing underfoot there was a sickening feeling that it might be some new growth.

Hedge-cutting continued...

Tuesday 29th
Weather: 11 °C, windy and light drizzle most of the day.

Wednesday 30th
Weather: Around 10, sunny, still windy but less so.
As it was drier it made it easier as the yew off-cuts were sticking less to the hedge and on us. And I didn't have to wipe my glasses like a window-wiper every few moments. We had to crawl under the hedge to get to one side of the boundary and to a secret space. It opened out as if to a chamber underneath.

Underneath the hedge

For details of how we approached the hedge-cutting click here and here

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