Tuesday 5 February 2013

Finishing touches

Thurs 18th Jan
Weather: Cold! -2°C. The sky was dark and there was this strange quiet in the air like the calm before the storm. In the afternoon the tension broke and the snow began to fall. A wonderful muffling & silence descends upon the earth when it snows.

One of the views of the High Garden underneath a brooding sky

We continued doing some more planting in the in between spaces of the High Garden stock bed, giving it the finishing touches. We scattered Allium - 'Purple Sensation', Angelica and Lychnis coronaria around.  It is an artful way of incorporating plants for reserves, sometimes we have to balance needing to use plants up because of the lack of space and making room for other things, as well as it serving as a stock bed for the nursery and to still give a pleasurable display.

We heeled some Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus' that had been dug out of the bed into a smaller screened one near by. Then we went indoors to pot up clumps of Allium bulbs that were unused, and geraniums with 4-5 growing points to a small square pot that we call Black Jim.

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