Saturday 9 February 2013

Hedge for heights

Weds 23rd Jan
Weather: Snow has started to melt and go slushy. Around - 1 to 1°C. Slight drizzle in the afternoon and more snow that didn't settle.

Carried on cutting down the Ilex in the driveway. I was tidying up the stumps and stray bits of holly still around with loppers. There were three bonfires being lit to deal with the excess of material coming out.

Mayumi & Ben tending to the fires

Then we continued with hedgecutting, I finished trimming around the edges of the nursery. I have been feeling a bit shaky going quite high up but I think I have finally combatted my fear of this. I realised that half of it is finding the right ladder and good ladder using practice helps a lot.

This tripod Japanese ladder is ideal. It is light but sturdy

In another part of the garden, the huge Quercus ilex hedges were being cut. The clippings have been kept aside to be picked up by London Zoo, as apparently the Holm Oak is a favourite of giraffes.

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