Monday 7 January 2013

Winter jobs

Friday 4th Jan 2013:
Weather: A bit cooler but still mild from 10°C - 7°C

Removed some plants from the cool house that we felt didn't need as much shelter but would be protected enough under the Loggia - a Yucca, Furcraea and a palm. This helped ease up more space to be able to move things around a bit more and aid ventilation.

Potted up some yew trees dug up from the veg garden (these are back ups for our yew hedging).

Finished spreading & mixing in mushroom compost on the bed I was working on in the High Garden.

Then we made a start on cutting back the foliage of Hellebores orientalis, this is mainly for aesthetic reasons so that the flowers can be seen and not be covered by the foliage, but this will help them to be pollinated by insects more easily to set good seed for next years plants.

Went back to nursery at 3.30pm to close frames and check if anything needed watering as well as attending to my greenhouses.

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