Monday 21 January 2013

Bits and pieces

Tuesday 8th Jan
Weather: Sunny & warm. Around 8°C

Hellebores in the Long Border

Helped open and check general garden stock frames. Finished cutting back Hellebore orientalis foliage and mulching them. Cut back dead phlox stalks in the Long Border right to the ground, marking them with canes so that we know where they are. Helped to finish clearing brushed up debris from the now skeletal Exotic Garden. Potted up various things including some lupins that were dug up from the vegetable garden to make space. Assisted in closing stock frames, but keeping them chocked because of the warmer weather.

Spent a while in the hothouse - the plants were well watered for over the weekend and it seemed to have brought on some cuttings faster, but I observed carefully how the rest of the plants had taken to this. Seems like it is good for cuttings with more foliage but may be still a bit too much for Helichrysum (especially ones that were a bit more crowded and low lying to the pot anyway). Spot watered rest of plants sparingly but a bit more boldly as we were able to really ventilate it well today because there was more light and sunshine.

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