Monday 21 January 2013

Plant ident 02/01/2013 - Leaves that look the same

(From top left to right)

1. Hellebore orientalis

2. Ballota pseudodictamnus (found in the Barn Garden)

3. Phlomis fruticosa

4. Pittosporum tobira

5. Bupleurum fruticosum 

6. Hedera helix 'Erecta' (found outside the house)

7. Dipsacus sp. (Teasel leaves when young look really like those of primroses, but the way to tell is that the leaves will already start to have puckered little spots that will become more pronounced spikes as it matures)

8. Primula vulgaris

9. Verbascum olympicum (perennial)

10. Verbascum 'Christo's Yellow Lightning' (also perennial) - the one named after a donkey. It is defined by it's crinklyish leaves (usually more than olympicum with a red line in the middle) - as described before here.

11. Phlomis russelliana (The one without a stalk; it has odd tiered flowers like Leonotis)

12. Salvia turkestanica (The one with a purple stalk)

13. Lunaria annua aka Honesty (very similar to the two above but not as hairy)

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