Wednesday 5 December 2012

Winter chores

Monday 3rd December
Not so cold today around 10 degrees. Very still initially then the wind picked up quite strongly at times. Overcast mainly but beautiful light and sunset in the distance later on. Days are very short now, it's around 7.30am now before it starts to get light and it starts getting dark about 4pm.

We cleared the pots of surplus stock stored near the farm complex, weeding the tops and throwing out anything dead.

Tues 4th
Weather: Cold but sunny most of the day which if anything gave an illusion of warmth.

Leaf raking - Graham with his handy leaf/ litter picking tool that he customised (he bent the metal at the bottom so it would pick better)

We raked leaves from the meadow as the oak trees shed their last.

We looked at what bulbs we had left to integrate into planting. In a section of the Barn Garden we thinned out some Lagurus ovatus (bunny tail grass) and topped up the bed with a drift of species tulip 'Batalini Bright Gem' (bright little yellow ones).

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