Sunday 2 December 2012


Wednesday 28th
Weather: A dry relief, even sunny most of the time

It was a straightforward lifting out of the plants day which included Agastache 'Black Adder' from the Blue Garden which was stunning earlier this year, with its bright blue flowers smothered with butterflies and bees, Salvia leucantha in the Long Border and Peacock Garden, Agastache 'Apricot Sprite' also from the latter and a tree dahlia 'Excelsior' in the Exotic Garden. This was done all in good time too, as a deep frost came a couple of days after. Agastache is hardy, but we took it out because they don't like the wet and this is a bit of a risk with a heavy clay soil.

The gate above was something that we had to dismantle, it is unusual in that it is in different pieces and fits together like a jigsaw, held in place by a huge weight and dowling like sticks.

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