Saturday 15 December 2012

Plant ident 5/12/2012 - Bulbs

From top left to right:

1. Galanthus
2. Crocosmia (this is technically a corm - a 'bulbo-tuber' - a modified plant stem rather than a modified leaf in the case of a 'bulb' and a modified root in the case of a 'root'. A corm that has been buried deep in the ground can be brought out of dormancy if brought closer to the surface and having easier access to light)
3. Fritallaria 
4. Narcissus (distinctive by their onion layered wrappings which are fleshy leaves that protect the embryo
5. Veratrum (aka False Hellebore)
6. Paris polyphylla (they don't like to be moved, but in this case it was necessary and was from the Walled Garden, it is likely it will sulk for a while now)
7. Tulipa
8. Allium (Elephant Garlic)
9. Iris

10. Tulipa
11. Hyacinth
12. Gladioli corms - (these are similar to Crocosmia, but one way of telling them apart is that the bulbs tend to sit adjacent to each other rather than on top of each other).
13. Muscari
14. Tulipa (species ones tend to be smaller than cultivated types - these ones are turkestanica)
15. Dahlia tubers
16. This amazing artichoke head like bulb is a Lilium, with layers that are almost translucent yellow.
17. Allium (Christophii)


  1. I am very pleased to have found your blog, Maggie. Dixter is one of my favorite gardens. I look forward to reading more this spring and getting a closer look at your work there.


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