Thursday 26 September 2013

Rose ident 20/06/2013

Dixter as mentioned before has over 140 roses, but scattered throughout the garden and mixed into the borders. Frank one of our lovely volunteers and a big lover of roses, brought in some of his favourites from his garden for us to see, touch, smell & identify.

(Left to right)
1. Rosa 'Crimson Glory' is the dark red one. It's a climbing hybrid tea rose and opens out to a very full flower and is a repeat flowerer.
2. Rosa 'Crown Princess Margareta' is the small tight apricoty one at the top which opens bigger to a very multi-layered rosette. It a shrub type one or a small climber and is a repeat flowerer.
3. Rosa 'Mrs Oakley Fisher' is the loose orangey one at the front with the earwig in it. This beautifully scented one can be found in the Exotic Garden also. It grows as a single petalled hybrid shrub.
4. Rosa x odorata 'Mutabilisis the single petalled darkish pink one (last one on the right). This can also be found in the Barn Garden. Characteristically not as thorny as some roses. It is a shrub one and a continuous flowerer.

(Left to right)
5. Rosa 'Wisley 2008' is the light bright pink one. A vigorous shrub that is a strong flowerer and also has double petals.
6. Rosa 'Benjamin Britten' is the red one with yellow tints. This is the one that steals Frank's heart. A medium shrub that becomes a double bloom
7. Rosa GERTRUDE JEKYLL 'Ausbord' is the bright pink very multi-layered rosette. It can be a shrub and a rambler. It can have showy red or purple hips. It's a vigorous grower and reliable flowerer. There was much debate about whether this rose was too 'showy', Dixter interestingly enough have bought a plant recently...
8. Rosa 'Abraham Darby' is the pink, yellowy orange one (the last one on the right). It is a tall vigorous shrub or climber.

(Left to Right)
9. Rosa 'Pat Austen' is the yellow apricoty one. A medium shrub or climber and strong repeat flowerer.
10. Rosa 'Just Joey' is the big apricot flouncy one (last one on the right). It is a small shrub, a continuous flowering hybrid tea.

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