Monday 30 September 2013

All stops out for watering and weeding

Mon 15th July
Weather: Hot, 25/26 °C

Creating rainbows with sprinklers all over the garden.

Back at Dixter! The Hemerocallis trial is due to take place at the end of this week, so all day was spent weeding this area.

Tues 16th July
Weather: More overcast & sultry but still hot.
Weeding in the Peacock garden.

Weds 17th July
Weather: Hottest day so far! It went up to 28°C.
I continued weeding and taking out brown stuff from the Peacock Garden, and staked a tall growing Nepeta transcaucasica of amazing wild sprawling habit just to tame it a little and an Achillea cartilaginea 'Silver Spray', a very fine big flowered yarrow from De Hessenhof nursery.

Then I planted in some Persicara orientalis, and it's watering, watering, watering everywhere, everyone is moving sprinklers around the garden as part of their tasks.

Thurs 18th July
Weather: Hot
Continued weeding, clearing brown bits in Peacock garden especially where a Lupinus arboreus has been cut down and has left a lot of debris.

Fri 19th July
Weather: Hot
All day working on the Hemerocallis again to make sure they're ready for tomorrow!

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