Wednesday 31 July 2013

Bits, pieces & tours

Mon 3rd June
Weather: 14/15°C, sunny.

Leo's pot display. 

Assisted Leo with one of the pots display on the circular step. Fergus is wanting us to take it in turn to take the creative initiative and lead how it is done, so it was Leo's turn to guide it.

Brushed up paths and potted up Allium senescen subsp. montanum. We are helping the nursery at the moment to close the gap there, before we start doing more planting in the garden. Things are always having to flexibly change according to circumstances, it is never guaranteed that it will stay the same.

Tues 4th June
Weather: 15-16°C, sunny but windy.

Potted up Aster x frikartii 'Mönch' as stock for the nursery from our own cuttings. I gave a tour of the house & gardens to my former college teacher and her current students. It was great to show students contemplating their next steps what they could do and sharing with them how passionate & inspired I have felt being here.

Planted out dahlias in the high garden in the main stock bed. We put in 'Gloire de Heemstede' next to Agastache Black Adder as a more unusual combination and Dahlia Dove Grove on another side to give some red to the scene. Dahlias were staked and watered in well.

Weds 5th June
Weather: Around 14°C, the wind made it feel cold in the morning but it was distinctively hotter late in the afternoon.

Setting up a hose & sprinkler system to water one side of the main stock bed in the High Garden before visitors came, and brushed up path areas there. I did some cuttings of Dahlia Dove Grove and transferred smaller ones into bigger pots. Then I moved them all into a hotter frame in front of the shop, to see if we can bring them on more as they're a bit weak.

I did my first tour for 18 people from the North of Switzerland, they were just generally interested in gardens and had been touring a few already so just wanted a brief one, which made it easy enough. They were pleased that a gardener was taking them around so that someone could actually answer their plant related questions.

Sat 8th & 9th June
Weather: 13 - 16°C. Very windy!

Nursery duties (read here to see for what nursery duties usually consist of; a lot more watering replaces stoking fires later in the year).

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