Tuesday 4 June 2013

Epic pea sticking

Weds 15th May
Weather: Windy & rainy. Overcast but then late afternoon was beautiful

In the Solar Garden we have done a planting of Tulipa 'Daydream' and Antirrhinum 'Bella Red' to come later. The tulips looked supreme whilst they lasted but were blown away by the very strong winds we have had lately. We don't seem to be having much luck with tulips in this bed, as last year many of the bulbs got eaten by mice. Usually we stake all the antirrhinums of which there are hundreds, but this year we decided to experiment with pea sticks instead. We cut many short pieces with as lateral branches as we could find, then the idea was to surround individually or a small clump of antirrhinums with them.

Thurs 16th May
Weather: One of the sunniest and most stable days we had for a while.
Pea sticking continued. We made three Alstromeria cages too and used an extra big pea stick to train a clematis to clamber over some Cotoneaster horizontalis.

Getting pea stick material from the branches. I worked with Leo who is a hard landscaper & teacher from Berlin and has come to volunteer here for 11 weeks. 

Fri 17th May
Weather: Colder, windier and moments of shower.
Finished peasticks extravaganza.

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