Tuesday 30 April 2013

A surge of colour

I am delayed as usual with my post updates, and I will be away in Turkey for a week now, botanising and searching for wildflowers in the mountains. The garden is transforming literally by the minute and I can barely keep up. It's really starting to fill out and sections of it is already a riot of colours. It is like it is an orchestra, plants and colours switch on and off in turn as if it is part of a symphony. Here are a couple sneaky pictures before I get round to catching up:

The classic Dixter combination - Mysotis 'Royal Blue' & a trial of a new tulip called 'Lasting Love' (indeed!)

A section of the new Long Border from behind

The same section of the Long Border from the front - check out that Spiraea 'Japonica Goldflame'

One starts to understand the complex tapestry that C. Lloyd and Fergus aims to create with plants. 


  1. That last photo provides much visual food for thought. Have an awesome trip! Hope you find some wild tulips!

  2. I love that first photo. I just planted a sea of myosotis and will plant tulips in the fall just like this. Love it and safe travels.


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