Monday 25 March 2013

The grass really is greener on the other side

Dixter has eight resident sheep. In the past week or so they have managed to escape twice from the field that they are fenced into. They are more cunning than they seem as we were puzzled how they got out a second time. There is a scare that when they get out they will mow down all the lovely crocuses and daffodils in the meadow or goodness knows what they decide are delectable delights on the Long Border. I have witnessed one of them before on their hind legs tearing at a Leylandii tree. Each time we have had to have about five or six of us forming a line and surrounding them slowly to herd them back. Sometimes when Fergus runs and claps loudly they will follow him. Even though they knew we were shouting at them, despite the fact they are extremely well fed, they would look up with a greedy guilty face and would still quickly steal a chomp any chance that they could.


  1. I once looked after a smalll flock of sheep. Fed treats regularly from a bucket, they's follow a bucket anywhere: useful when the electic fence collapsed

  2. Thanks for the advice, Lewis one of the gardeners actually happened to have a bucket of grit that he tried to pretend was tasty snacks, but the pull of the sweet meadow was just too much for them!


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